Theme and Trend: Dialogue Between Intelligence Manufacture and Industry 4.0

As the first largest machine tools exhibition and manufacture equipment fair of China, Japan and Korea, the amount of overseas exhibitors, exhibits quality and exhibits amount will get a qualitative leap. JM2017 Qingdao Machine Tools Exhibition will cover 5 halls, the exhibition area will be 7,5000 sqm. Near one thousand exhibitors, and will show 2500 sets of equipment, show machine tools accessories, cutting tools and functional parts, as well as thousands of other products. The exhibition will show the leading technology and intelligentialize solutions. There will also be intelligentialize manufacture and industrial robots show area, to promote and lead industrial innovation, as well as show the new achievement of Internet+Manufacture. Dialogue between intelligence manufacture and industry 4.0, industrial robots summit forum and new products promotion, and Nocmall Machine tolls festival (free probation, special offers), idiomatical beer festival, new technology and new products promotion and some other activities will also be held on the same dates. We aim to creat the one-stop purchase platform of machine tools industry.

Exhibition Date

August 2-6, 2018

Sponsor/Jinnoc Group Organizer/Qingdao Jinnoc Int’l Expo Co.,Ltd Co-sponsor/Machinery Industry Branch of China International Trade Promotion Committee

China Mechanical and Electrical Products Communication Committee Machinery Industry Branch of China Mechanical and Electrical Products Communication Committee

Strategic Alliances/ China International Chamber of Commerce Machinery Industry Chamber China Mechanical and Electrical Products Communication Committee China International Trade Promotion Committee

Exhibition Introduction

Qingdao International Exposition Center is divided into four founctional parts: A, B, C and the standard halls. Its main body is made in steel, and has two register entrances: the main entrance and the subordinate entrance. It has 10 standard halls, one multi-functional hall. The total construction area is 220,000 sqm, gross exhibition area is around 180,000 sqm, and just next to Liuhua Exhibition Center and Pazhou Exhibition Center. Gross indoor area is around 120,000 sqm, can accommodate over 6000 shell booth; gross outdoor exhibition area is around 60,000 sqm, auxiliary functional zone is around 40,000 sqm. It is the third largest modern international expo center within China.


Moving-in date: July 29-August 1 2018    Exhibition date: August 2-6, 2018

Moving-out date: 14:00 August 6th, 2018  14:00   Venue: Qingdao International Expo Center( No.7-1, Wenquan Second Road, Wenquan Town, Jimo City, Qingdao)


Gross exhibition area : 60,000 sqm; 710 exhibitors from both home and overseas; 23 industrial forum and activities; 71498 visitors during these 5 days; creat new achievement

【Representative exhibitors】

SIEMENS, ABB, Yamazaki Mazak,Nicolás Correa Group,Okuma, Tsugami, Haas, Qind, GROB, Hardinge, Doosan, Weiya, Sodick, BYJC, SMTCL, DMTG, Yonghua, Zhejiang RIFA, HISION,NUVE, Decaview, LiChi, Yawei, Yongjin, Fuyu, WELE, Juye, Dali, KAFO, TRUMPF, Dazu, DNE, HSG, JinFangYuan, Puruima, Guangzhou Qifan, Walter, ISCAR, Sandvik, Guangzhou CNC, Fagor, YIntai, HIWIN, Zeiss, THK, Mitoyo, etc.

Exhibition data

Exhibition Innovation and Evolution

Facing the complex and austere market trend nowadays, JNMTE takes the lead in implementing the strategy of whole innovation. The exhibition has moved to the largest convention center in North China--Qingdao International Expo Center. The show area and visitors step into a new stage. We build the three-dimensional cooperation platform for the buyers and suppliers through list of commercial activities. Under the depression of national economy development and manufacture transformation, our exhibition onsite deal was up to 0.65 billion RMB, and increased 71% than last year. Potential contract was 1.87 billion RMB, increased by 4%. Every company, industry association, medium was surprised by JNMTE both the earnings from exhibition and the wisdom and courage of grasping market chances.

Exhibition scale

The theme of JM2018: Dialogue Between Intelligence Manufacture and Industry 4.05 exhibition halls, 75,000 sqm show area;Will attract over 1000 exhibitors;Will attract over 80,000 visitorsOver 20 professional technology forums。

Source of The Audience

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